Education for Empowerment

Centro Presente’s dedication to the self-sufficiency of the Latino immigrant community and to the creation of community power is evident in its unique Adult Education program, EFE. While addressing the very real educational needs of the community, our programs use this teaching moment to educate our members about social and economic justice.

The fundamental concerns of immigrant rights, of worker rights, of civic participation, of the root causes of immigration and of the global movement for economic and social justice for all people are incorporated into our course curricula. In receiving classes in English, our students also receive training in leadership development and community organizing. EFE students join in small-group classes and extra curricular activities in the areas of:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (Basic, intermediate and advanced levels)
  • Spanish Basic Literacy
  • US History and Civics (In preparation for U.S. Citizenship exams)
  • Computer Literacy classes (Basic computer usage, word processing, Internet and email proficiency)

For our friends in the Anglophone community we also offer a Spanish class, Spanish for Social Change, where students can learn more about the immigrant experience and the Spanish language from native speakers.

Classes are offered in nine-week cycles, four times a year at Centro Presente. Our educational model is rooted in popular education methods that take into account the unique characteristics of our students and implements a curriculum that is relevant to their experiences as immigrants and workers. We take pride in offering a high quality program with an all volunteer team of teachers who are truly committed to their students.